Computer Hardware Conflicts (By Chris Paxton)

Our computers have many different parts inside them that all need to work together. It is imperative that they run concurrently with no problems. When we take apart a computer we are left with many individual components. These components we find are graphics cards, RAM, processor, cooling fans, power units, hard drives, CD drives, wireless cards, special media card readers, sound cards, battery packs, that are all connected to the mother board. If one of these parts doesn't like the other it can cause major errors for your computer and how your computer may run. It could even result in your computer running slower than normal.

For example, in one of our company's computer that was built by us we had a graphics card that did not like the mother board connection for some reason. Unfortunately we did not know this at the time and it took us about two weeks to figure it out. This caused the graphics to constantly have a delay. Sometimes the delay was tolerable but other times the delay was so bad that you would move the mouse and the pointer would start to move on the screen 5 seconds after we moved the mouse. We would shut down the computer properly and restart and most of the time it ran perfect again like it had no problem at all but later on it started to act up again. We updated all the drivers, talked to the people that make the graphics card, changed out the monitor thinking it was that. After working out all the bugs that naturally come with a self-built computer we found a guy that worked for the company that produced the mother board that we were using and even though they claimed that our graphics card was compatible he admitted obviously it wasn't. He swapped out our graphics card for free and our computer has never been stronger.

If you build your own computer you are taking on the risk of having hardware conflicts. The good part of this story is that in today's world many of the companies that make these components are doing their best to make sure everything is universal. People are working day in and day out to make sure the hardware/components of your computer are programmable so that they can make everything compatible with just a simple software adjustment or driver upgrade. If you have a conflict among your hardware you can still get the maximum performance out of the components you have picked. A simple driver update can do the trick and keep you away from having a slow computer or the frustrating process of trying to find out what the problem is.

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