How to Reflash the BIOS

A. Reflash Bios in MS-DOS Mode

1. Extract the downloaded ZIP file to your hard disk(s) or floppy disk. This procedure assumes drive A.

2. Restart the computer in MS-Dos mode. (For Windows 2000/XP, you need a startup disk to restart the computer in MS-DOS mode)

3. Change the command prompt to A:\>

4. To back up the current BIOS, at the A:\>prompt, type [BIOS flash utility name] -s [BIOS file name] (example: gvf18 –s X73G8DR.f1) and press Enter.

5. To flash BIOS, at the A:\> prompt, type [BIOS flash utility name] –p [BIOS file name] (example: gvf18 –p X73G8DR.f2) and press Enter.

6. Wait until it’s done, then restart your computer.

B. Reflash BIOS in Windows Mode
1. After installing the display drivers, you will find a GBT icon in the lower-right corner of the Taskbar. Right-click to select the @VGA utility

2. Update BIOS through the internet
- Select the Live Update check box and click Flash. Then @ VGA will automatically download the BIOS for your card from GBT @VGA server and do the update for you. (@VGA will not download/update the BIOS if it detects the current BIOS on your card is the latest one).

3. Update BIOS NOT through the internet
- Download the BIOS ZIP file for your card from GBT website and extract it to your hard disk (or floppy disk).
- Select the From Local File check box and the click Flash.
- Select the BIOS file from your hard disk (or floppy disk).
- Complete the update procedure following on-screen instructions.

Source: Geforce 7100 GS, 7200 GS and 7300 GS manual book

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